Electronic Document Conference (EDC), Seattle US, June 17-18, 2019

Meet our partner and experts from callas software at the Electronic Document Conference. The EDC is a do-not-miss event for developers, product managers and technical users creating and leveraging electronic document technology.

The program is divided into six approximate themes:


  • Structurally complex content in accessible PDF: How to represent mathematical formulas
  • An accessibility label for electronic documents
  • WCAG 2.1 Stratification to support gamification of accessibility training by role


  • The sweet spot between automation and human remediation
  • Accessibility, automation and AI: The future of accessible PDF documents
  • PDF documents, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation
  • Digital transformation 101: Paper to PDF
  • Hybrid PDF documents – Lessons learned from 5 years of eInvoicing with PDF/A
  • Millions of PDFs once a month: serverless eStatements

The business of documents

  • Interoperable CCM to connect legacy, current and future platforms
  • I didn’t know PDF could do that!
  • Signature workflows today – From remote electronic signatures to long-term preservation with PDF

File formats

  • Document adaptation: responsiveness and personalization of the document experience
  • Accelerated document rendering with modern hardware
  • PDF’s ISO-standardized subsets – a tour
  • Are you confident that your redacted documents are safe to be shared?
  • Impact of ECG on PDF publication
  • Toward a theory of documents and their formats
  • How reusable content in pdf could be: deriving HTML from PDF
  • SafeDocs: Could PDF be a weapon in cyber warfare?
  • PDF vs Office: Is reliable Office rendering possible?
  • Where Does PDF fit in the future of documents?

Open Data

  • Why searching for content in 2019 still feels like 1919
  • Open data – PDF beyond final form visual content
  • Accessible math in PDF
  • Automatic distribution of full indexed documentation with multimedia content for large production plant guides
  • Leveraging vector graphics in PDF

Document workflow

  • Email archival in PDF – how does that make sense?
  • „Enterprise PDF rendition“ – What is this?
  • How does PDF fit into your workflow?
  • Blockchain for documents- the future of security
  • Transform the supply chain with 3D PDF