License Server for scalable & pay-per-use environments

Our partner, callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, has introduced the callas License Server. The new product responds to the requirements of our modern, cloud-based world. Designed for the cloud infrastructure, it enables dynamic licensing of processing capacities based on peak performance. In short, use and pay for services when they are needed.

Activation-based licensing vs. license server-based licensing

All customers currently use activation-based licensing, i.e. the license is bound to the computer on which it is used. With licensing based on the new license server, it is now possible to run callas software products without local activation. In the background, the license server checks whether licenses are available. This allows (virtual) machines to be added online without having to go through the manual activation process.

Automatically scalable & pay-per-use environments

The callas License Server enables models such as ‚load on demand‘ or ‚capacity on demand‘ – a more dynamic way of licensing based on peak values.
Users purchase either work units and/or credit units loaded into the callas License Server. With one work unit, they can run a callas process, processing one file at a time. This allows users with eight process units to run eight processes in parallel, regardless of whether they are running on one or more (virtual) machines. Typically, work units are used for daily production. To cover peak production, credit units provide access to processing time regardless of the number of parallel processes and/or (virtual) machines. For example, 50,000 seconds of processing time is available for a 50,000 credit unit. In an automatically scalable environment, this would allow an unlimited number of server instances to process files until all credits are used up and provide customers with access to unprecedented PDF processing performance. For pure pay-per-use applications, customers can also simply use credit units.

Availability & price

The callas License Server is now available and costs € 4000 with an additional support and maintenance contract (20% of the license fee). Five pdfToolbox Desktop licenses are included. The callas License Server is initially only compatible with pdfToolbox; this will later be extended to other callas products.

The purchase of a callas pdfToolbox unit costs € 1,000 with an additional support and maintenance contract (20% of the license fee).
A 50,000 of the callas-pdfToolbox credit package costs € 500 and contains a total of 50,000 credits. A 500,000 callas-pdfToolbox credit package is available for € 4,000. It includes a total of 500,000 credits. There are no support and maintenance costs.