Partners and Suppliers

Appligent, Inc., founded in 1988, is one of the oldest and most innovative independent PDF technology companies, with customers across many industries including government, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, education and legal.

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callas software invents simple tools to face challenges when it comes to PDF. As an innovator, callas software PDF technologies developed for for publishing, prepress, document exchange and document archiving. callas software was founded in 1995 and is located in Berlin.

Enfocus is a leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry. The company’s innovative solutions streamline the workflow throughout the complete production chain – from design to final print – thereby connecting printers, publishers and designers.

The FileOpen Encryptor uses strong, industry-standard encryption to protect your documents from copying and forwarding, online and offline, before and after delivery. Our access controls go a step further by enabling document expiration, location-based access, and printing restrictions. Importantly, your documents and the keys to them never leave your possession.

Global Graphics is a leading developer of software platforms on which our partners create solutions for digital printing, digital document and PDF applications. We are a public company listed on NYSE Euronext. Customers include HP, Corel, Quark, Kodak and Agfa. The roots of the company go back to 1986 and to Cambridge, and the majority of the R&D team is still based near this university city.

PDFlib GmbH is specialized in the development of PDF technology. PDFlib products since 1997 worldwide. The company development and market trends, such as ISO standards for PDF. PDFlib GmbH products are distributed all in 100 countries worldwide, with North America, Europe and Japan are the most important markets.

Quite saw in 1997 that PDF was likely to be the wave of the future, and began to create plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat. Drawing on our experience of the printing and publishing trades, we decided to focus on the area of pre-press production.

Recosoft was established in 1991 to deliver Software and Information Technology solutions for the global marketplace and grow over the years, on the dint of strategic partnerships and alliances. The executives of Recosoft are all engineering graduates and have lived in Japan, India and the United States making them completely multicultural and multi-lingual.

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