StampPDF Batch Version 7.0

StampPDF Batch is a server-based, command-line-driven application that lets you stamp new text or images into PDF documents. Any text or image added by StampPDF Batch becomes a permanent part of the document.


Fig: Page stamped with text „Entwurf“ by StampPDF Batch

New features

  • Barcode fonts are now supported for command line and built-in variables
  • New stamp file parameters
    • New options for StartPage and EndPage
      -1 represents the last page of the PDF file to be stamped. You can now use -2 for the second to the last page to be stamped, -3 for the third to the last page to be stamped and so on.
    • BarText
      This parameter allows you to show or hide the text for barcode stamps. The default is to Show text. Options for this parameter are Show or Hide.
  • New command line options
    • -vardelimiter – Delimiter character for variables in the stamp file (default is %)
    • -varfile: Text file that contains user defined variables and their value. This file is read instead of having to enter the variables and their value directly on the command line.
  • Example of how the varfile text file is setup
    • Variable1, John Doe
    • Variables are setup in the stamp file using the Text parameter.
      Example: Text (%Variable1%)
    • Command line:
      stamppdfapp -p -o outfile.pdf -varfile VariableText.txt StampFile.txt InputFile.pdf

These release notes contain last-minute product information and updates. Please refer to the for additional information.