Tidy pdftoolbox, open head

Working with pdfToolbox automatically provides a collection of profiles, checks and corrections. In addition, there are user-defined profiles. From this point it can become confusing. Here organization helps to keep track of all workflows. Settings can be retrieved, adjusted if necessary and applied immediately. This saves time.

How does this work? With libraries! Some already know them, because pdfToolbox comes with a number of standard libraries. But they contain more than you can see at first glance ….

Via default settings to your own settings

After installing pdfToolbox you will find four standard libraries. These are divided into categories for standard profiles, checks and corrections. There are also some additional libraries with the new features of the latest version of pdfToolbox. You can select the desired library by using the drop-down box in the upper center of the switchbox and the Profiles, Checks and Corrections windows. In the following video we show you all this and even more in short form.


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