Redax Enterprise Server

If you have a large volume of PDF files that need to be redacted to remove sensitive or private information, Redax Enterprise Server can make the process easier and more accurate.

Redax Enterprise Server can be used as part of your redaction workflow process.  Using watched folders, documents can be preprocessed on the server to find list of key words and phrases.  Preset patterns and regular expressions can be used to locate information such as Social Security Numbers, Account numbers, URLs, e-mail addresses and more. The marked documents can be reviewed before committing to the final redaction.

The software may be integrated into any PDF document workflow, with or without our Redax plugin for Adobe® Acrobat® (standard or professional).

Automated Markup Features of Redax Enterprise Server

  • Enhanced markup of words and phrases with the Adobe PDF Library-powered WordFinder
  • Advanced patterns for marking social security numbers (SSN), zip codes, international postal codes, US and international phone numbers, credit-cards, dates, URLs, email addresses and more
  • Regular Expressions support allowing you to define your own custom pattern searches
  • Mark for redaction using Redax boxes, bracketed text, Acrobat highlighting, underlining, strikethroughs or via plain-text parameters files
  • Full-page and multi-page redaction, including optional page consolidation
  • Redact similarly formatted documents by applying templates to specific areas of the page
  • Use standard government exemption codes or create your own

Redaction Processing Features

  • Enhanced Redaction Engine
  • Automated processing of manual or automatically-generated markup
  • Automatically protects the original document
  • Appearance of redacted areas is fully customizable
  • Optionally places exemption codes at the bottom of the page
  • Automatic removal of document metadata
  • Optional removal of document annotations
  • Create different redacted documents from the same marked-up document based on categories
  • Generate text reports for use in a spreadsheet or other software

Redax Enterprise Server Regular Expressions conform to Unicode Technical Standard #18 , Unicode Regular Expressions, level 1, and in addition include Default Word boundaries and Name Properties from level 2.



Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!