Workshop callas pdfToolbox to 9

callas software hosted on 13 June 2016 as part of a pre-conference this year PDF Days Europe, a workshop on the new version 9 of pdfToolbox. The workshop are the new features in pdfToolbox 9. In addition, participants will learn how they can achieve better results with their PDF files even faster.

The automated media production

pdfToolbox provides powerful, dynamic and easy to integrate PDF processing: from the quick visual inspection and correction up to the fully automated processing of thousands of files. Based on the technology used by Adobe Acrobat pdfToolbox allows checking and correcting even very complex problems, color management, imposition, convert to and from PDF and more. Numerous companies, publishing houses, printing companies have the software in use.


pdfToolbox Switchboard for Standards

The callas team stands throughout the workshop to answer questions. Also, the networking among the participants is not too short. The day ends in one of Berlin’s oldest institutions, a nearby beer garden, out. The participation fee is € 49.00 and includes drinks, lunch and dinner, pdfToolbox 9 T 90 day trial callas pdfToolbox 9 and downloading of presentation material.

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