The minor releases PLOP 5.1 and PLOP DS 5.1 are available for all users with an active support agreement. Updating to 5.1 is recommended for all users with active support. PLOP/PLOP DS 5 users without an active support agreement can purchase a minor update in order to switch to 5.1. The main change in PLOP 5.1 is support for certificate security. PLOP DS 5.1 received many improvements related to digital signatures.

Changes in PLOP 5.1

  • certificate security: encrypt a document against a set of recipients which are identified by their digital certificate
  • pCOS interface 11 for retrieving details of documents encrypted with certificate security
  • updated language bindings and platform support
  • various bug fixes and improvements in the language bindings and kernel

Signature-related changes in PLOP DS 5.1

  • updated time-stamping support according to RFC 5816 (SigningCertificateV2/ESSCertIDv2)
  • optimize file size and processing speed for generating signatures
  • timing options for OCSP
  • support for indirect CRLs
  • made CRL retrieval more robust, e.g. unexpected HTTP headers
  • workarounds in the PKCS#11 engine to handle behavior of certain token models
  • PKCS#11 improvements for multi-threaded signing applications
  • support for signing with a Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • create PAdES/CAdES signatures by default
  • custom build of PLOP DS for attaching external cryptographic engine for hashing and signing
  • bug fixes in PDF handling, e.g. form field names, XMP properties
  • added code samples for creating dynamic signature visualization with PDFlib
  • new build configuration for attaching external crypto routines via the PKCS#11 interface