Generate thousands of hyperlinks with one click

This plug-in collection by Addendum is designed to automate the creation of hyperlinks, annotations and bookmarks. It may be hyperlinks to other pages, documents as well as URLs for webshops. The latest update provides in addition the coloring of text for „identification“ of hyperlinks, a new function Glossary for explanation of terms and the generation of bookmarks. Are in a catalog, a manual or installation instructions references to an external file or an URL to the web, the customer can open by clicking on this link.

kepka Art Katalog

kepka Art Katalog

Thus, the author does not have to do it manually creating the links. Auto-Link searches the text to the desired positions and automatically defines the external link to the target file. The program is based either on pre-defined text attributes such as font size, style or type, or the position of the text or regular expressions.


With the File linker links are generated automatically to other files on the local device or the internet. This can be either at file open (PDF) or Weblinks (HTML or PDF).

There are various search options available:

  • To simplify working with different search items in the document, you can create a list with search definitions. This list will be worked through.
  • Simple search definition with placeholders.
  • Use the defined Text.
  • The text color of the found links can be changed
  • Weblink creation with the possibility to use a prefix and/or postfix or CSV control file


The module Text-Linker is responsible for the automatic creation of internal hyperlinks. This table of contents, index, or cross-references can be created. As in the File-Linker source and target are defined in terms of typographic features, and executed the creation for the entire PDF automatically.


The Plug-in search a PDF and a list of search items. Each hit will create highlight type of annotation quite similar to full text search. In combination with Acrobats own features to list annotations this is a powerful instrument for collaboration.


New function for the automatic creation of an interactive glossary. This explanation is similar to set a tooltip on each term. The users move the mouse to the concept, the abbreviation, the name or the foreign word and immediately receive the statement.


Bookmarks are an essential element for navigation within a comprehensive document. With the help of the function, the bookmarks can be generated automatically in any number based typographic features. Thus, the PDF is fully searchable and always creates a bookmark if a text such as „Arial 20 point“ is found. The plug-in detects as headlines and generates therefrom the links over several hierachieen.

Use cases

  • Auto-Link can be put to excellent use for address or similar directories, catalogs and documentation.
  • By using the Web Links orders from a PDF catalog can be passed via weblink directly to a web shop.
  • Linking of contents or index pages. Creation of cross-references.


  • Single user license
  • Single user license maintenance
  • Windows
  • Windows
  • EUR 695
  • EUR 139