Actino Document Processing Services (DPS) – automation and distribution

Cloud- and web services are a proven method to provide users with certain features in a simple way and enterprise wide usage. It must not be locally installed any specific local application, the user accesses by his client to the server to and transfers its data for processing. The Actino DPS Webservices represent a simple solution for this purpose. From the browser users can upload their documents to be processed by a specific task. Following successful completion the new document is available for download. Software vendors and integrators can use the SOAP / WSDL API to handover documents for processing and deeper integration.

Actino DPS Features

Actino DPS Features

Convert, review, edit, validate and protect documents

The Actino DPS allow professional PDF documents editing on a server or private cloud and are aimed at companies wishing to make such applications available for their employees. The advantage is obvious:

  • It does not have to be purchased for each workstation a client application for editing PDF.
  • The administration and supervision is completely centralized.
  • The services are fully automated and can be integrated as desired.
  • The central processing allows standards compliance.
  • The use is platform independent and can be controlled both from PC and mobile devices.
  • Complements the use of the free Adobe Reader to functions for editing PDF.

Drag and Drop userinterface

The usage is very simple and performant. The users simply drop their documents on a button for which a particular function is stored. It may be the conversion of an Office file to PDF or for verification of PDF/A. The document is passed to the server, processed over there with approved technology like pdfaPilot Server and send back the result as a download link. The function matrix above listed some features of example processors. In principle any kind of request offered by standardized processing can be implemented.