pdfToolbox 8.1 is now available for Windows Desktop, Windows Server x64 + CLI, MacOS desktop, MacOS Server + CLI and Linux x64. The other platforms will follow shortly. This update is free for pdfToolbox 8 users and includes two major new features:

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PDF/X-5n Soft-Proofing

Since pdfToolbox 8 is possible the creation of PDF / X-5n files. This ISO standard has been developed to support multi-dimensional color spaces in the data exchange for digital prepress. Now pdfToolbox also offers PDF / X-5n soft proofing. By soft-proofing of the PDF / X-5n files is the first time a color accurate representation of documents that use multi-channel ICC profiles possible.

Dialog der Soft-Proofing Funktion

Soft-Proofing with pdfToolbox 8.1

Multichannel colors are becoming increasingly important, as for example, is printed more often with more than 4 colors in digital presses. Another area in which they are commonly used, is the packaging printing. The new soft-proofing function allows the exact evaluation of the colors, which only with highly specialized products was previously possible. It can be used both in the standalone version of pdfToolbox 8.1 Desktop, as well as in pdfToolbox 8.1 CLI, Server and SDK where softproof images can be created.

pdfToolbox libraries

If user profiles are used, simplifying pdfToolbox 8.1 using pdfToolbox libraries this task considerably. In pdfToolbox 8.1, it is possible to create different profile libraries; every library other profiles, tests, corrections or other related settings (such as HTML templates, color conversion settings, etc …) included.

Dialog zur Verwaltung der Profile

Dialogue to manage user-defined profiles

Libraries can be imported and exported in order to share in working groups. In addition, you can change in pdfToolbox Desktop easily between the libraries to quickly gain access to the respective projects.


On November 12, Marc Heusmann and Dietrich von Seggern callas 10.30 a German-language free webinar about the new features in pdfToolbox 8.1 by. Please register via this  Link.