PDF Linearization, Optimization, Protection and Digital Signature

PDFlib GmbH released a new minor version of its PLOP product family. Based on your active support contract you can update to PLOP 5.3 or PLOP DS 5.3 for free. PLOP 5.3 and PLOP DS 5.3 accept valid 5.x license keys.

New in PDFlib PLOP 5.3

  • updated language bindings and platform support
  • pCOS interface 12 with support for identifying upcoming ISO standards
  • added the pCOS command line tool
  • improved PDF optimization
  • numerous minor improvements and bug fixes in all areas

Additional changes in PDFlib PLOP DS 5.3

  • support for signing with Amazon CloudHSM
  • PKCS#11 improvements for common security tokens
  • support PSS encoding scheme for RSA signatures via PKCS#11
    (PSS support with the builtin engine was already available)
  • improvements for LTV signatures in certain usage scenarions with OCSP responders
  • bug fixes for Unicode support in digital ID passwords and file names

The full list of changes can be found in the change log which is included in all packages.