Global Graphics Software’s Martin Bailey will be leading a third PDF 2.0 interoperability workshop in Berlin next week (16th May), following the success of the two previous workshops in Cambridge UK and Boston Massachusetts that were hosted by Global Graphics Software on behalf of the PDF Association. He will share the role with Dual Labs’ Boris Doubrov, architect of veraPDF.

Mr. Bailey, the chief technology officer of Global Graphics Software and the primary UK expert to the ISO committees working on PDF, PDF/X and PDF/VT led the previous two interops, events that provide a way for PDF tool developers to validate their work against the new ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0) standard by working with vendors of other tools.

The PDF 2.0 standard was published in 2017 by the International Standards Organization and is billed as the first “post-Adobe” standard.

“PDF 2.0 is new enough that nobody is shipping tools to create PDF 2.0 files yet,“ says Duff Johnson, executive director of the PDF Association and PDF 2.0’s ISO Project Leader. “You can make your own examples, but if you don’t test others’ examples you may miss problems. PDF interop workshops provide a setting in which developers can identify ambiguities, discover solutions and reach consensus on the meaning and application of ISO standards for PDF technology.”

Martin Bailey, CTO for Global Graphics Software, and the primary UK expert on PDF committees agrees, adding, “PDF 2.0 includes many new features and numerous enhancements to existing features. Developers can use the interop workshops to test their understanding of these new capabilities.”

Martin Bailey’s White Paper – The impact of PDF 2.0 on print production – published in 2017, is an authoritative print industry resource providing background information on the new standard, insight into what it means for print, and recommendations around implementation planning.