Services for print automation and enterprises

PDF is a very flexible format for sturturierte output and distribution of documents on the basis of the page- and object-oriented structure. Users have full access to all objects on a page, and this information can be used to output or sorting. Each page can be provided if necessary with new content such as a bar code or text content that evaluated when printing or assist you in filling.

Print providers can automate using PDF numerous processes in the issue and for the shipment. Agencies can create interactive forms that support the user with the help of built-in arithmetic function or date functions. Actino software has a wide experience in the development of JavaScripts and assists companies and service providers in the implementation.

Batch processing

With the functions for the evaluation and combination of pages and documents Adobe Acrobat Pro provides a powerful platform for simple tasks. Basically, there is access to all the contents of a page, the file name, metadata as well as lists, so that reference this information, a process can be designed. This approach recommends safe whenever on request jobs such as Payslips or letters should be done.

Interactive forms

JavaScripts allow intelligent Verknüpfug by fields and calculation of any kind. In this way, buzzing or tariff can be calculated, the user is guided to the next field or the contents are checked for plausibility. Users can view, fill out and save the correspondingly processed forms with the Adobe Reader on Windows or MacOS.


Automated splitting and sorting – delivery bills, invoices, drawings and documentation are scanned in batches in large quantities. With the help of JavaScript, the related pages are recognized, sorted and saved as a new, single document with the transaction number as name. The user is spared the tedious task of gathering and sorting by hand.