Development of integrated applications PDF

PDF is an open standard and ISO standard. This benefit allows individual systems can be generated based on the Adobe-defined format for special requirements. All interfaces and descriptions are fully disclosed so that different uses and any extensions are possible. What you lack, so there are either already as a standard product or can be individually programmed.

In addition to the extensions of the desktop application of Adobe can be using PDF Server Technology also fully automated applications for processing and editing of documents realize. Depending on requirements, can be used with standard products here, the example be integrated through a Command Line, or with individual applications that are precisely adapted to the respective requirements.

Actino Software specializes in the development of Acrobat plug-ins and PDF Tools. Features previously not available as a standard product will be realized by us on request. Here, the wheel does not want to reinvent and always check that there is not already a solution that was developed in a similar context.

Thanks to the market overview and experience in dealing with the necessary development tools (Adobe Acrobat SDK, C ++, JavaScript, Delphi, .Net, PHP, ASP) program enhancements can be implemented with little effort.

The most popular topic is the automation of certain functions such as automatic hyperlink creation, and the integration of processes. Ideas in the documentation or web services that were discarded due to the high manual effort, suddenly can be realized.

If you want to find a particular solution or like to know if a particular application with Acrobat is at all possible, then call us. We are happy to help.