Training / project support

The Portable Document Format, Adobe Acrobat, gDoc and server applications from Appligent, callas software or PDFlib offer a wealth of opportunities we provide our customers in the framework of individual training. These appointments are made separately and tailored content in coordination with the desired requirements.

Consulting / Audit

What can be achieved with PDF, electronic forms, Adobe Acrobat products or alternative solutions today? How to obtain the expected productivity gains? How can paper-based processes are digitized? Local or server use? In what way, processes can be automated?

If you have a specific problem or do not know exactly how to tackle a particular project, we will be happy to help you. Either there is already a suitable solution for your specific needs, or we examine the individual development and make you a specific proposal.

Actino software deals with the use of PDF, since the document format has seen the light of day in the early 90 year. Familiar with the daily problems from our own experience and the knowledge gained in numerous projects, we are happy with advice and practical help.

In the solution of projects we work with the world’s top PDF together specialists who have developed either products for specific requirements and offer support or on request, with its additional expertise.