pdfToolbox 14.1 update

Updates on Profile and Process plan

One of the most notable additions to pdfToolbox 14.1 is the capability to bulk export Profiles and Process plans. This feature allows users to select multiple Profiles and Process plans from different libraries and export them in one go into a ZIP archive. This archive can then be dropped into automation software, such as GIT, to further handle the updated profiles.

Creating link annotations

Another new feature is the ability to create link annotations by searching for specific text or objects using a preflight check. This makes it easy to repurpose print documents for digital use, for example by searching for QR codes and decoding the URLs contained in them


To help users fully understand and utilize the power of pdfToolbox, callas has also created PDF-based self-training material focused on profile creation. This material can be downloaded directly from this page and includes exercises with solutions and explanations.

callas pdfToolbox 14.1 is a free update for all current users of pdfToolbox 14. It is available for download now from our website. For customers with an older version of pdfToolbox or for any further inquiries regarding availability, price, options, or return on investment, please contact sales@actino.de. Additionally, you can download a fully functional time-limited trial version from our website.