Geistiges Eigentum schützen!

Schützen, Verteilen und Kontrollieren

Standardkonforme Erstellung


Rights Management



Secure distributed with DRM and encryption

Securing the authenticity and integrity

PDF exactly match the original in playback and can be varied protected. Due to the compact file size and a private „security handler“ are PDF compared to HTML or TIFF making it the ideal media for confidential information.

With the help of plug-ins, toolkits or server applications can be secured in different ways documents. Depending on the application, if you want to sell files or to protect against copying, the intellectual property can be effectively and sustainably protect.

How safe is PDF!

  • PDF provides numerous options to protect its content. not and especially what – We show which options are available.
  • Security means automation to avoid errors and compliance with standards.
  • We offer to this end server applications from Appligent, File Open and PDFlib.
  • An important issue is in addition to the encryption and the distribution.
  • With the help of DRM, the processes can be mapped and monitored in a database.
  • Thanks to electronic signatures, the integrity and authenticity of a document is ensured.
  • We provide the tools, including support of ZUGFeRD standard.

Portfolio – tools for encryption and electronic signature

Services – support for the introduction of safety standards

Compass Icon / Kompass IconConsulting – What are the advantages and opportunities PDF and PDF / X? We advise and assist in the introduction of PDF / X and the selection and implementation of suitable products.

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Standard products – We deliver proven standard products Apago, callas, Quite, Enfocus and Global Graphics for Desktop and Server to create, control and preparation of documents to be printed.

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Developertools – PDFlib, Global Graphics and callas make for developers extensive libraries and platforms ready for programmatic creation of PDF or PDF / X. The dynamic creation allows high performance providing current or custom data.

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Development – The control and treatment of the PDF should be automatic, so users limbed and errors are avoided. We develop components for embedding PDF and PDF / X in any process.


As part of maintenance contracts, we provide the necessary resources to, and cooperate as required closely with the respective manufacturers.


All products are constantly being developed. Regular updates ensure the application in different environments.


Compliance with the various ISO standards guarantees the necessary quality in the design of the respective processes.


We pay attention to a user-friendly handling and far-reaching integration, so tasks can be performed easily and quickly.