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PDF is a very flexible format for sturturierte output due to the page- and object-oriented structure. Users have full access to all the content of a page and can use this information to issue or sorting. Each page can be provided if necessary with new content such as a bar code or text content that will be evaluated during printing.

With the plug-in batch print we have a module for Adobe Acrobat and the Reader in the portfolio, which allows the printing of PDF to automate. Based on monitored directories or list the documents may be automated. Using JavaScript programming the preparation of the documents can be made in batch mode. The pages are sorted based on their content and provided for assembly with barcodes.

A full automation can be achieved by use of a workflow system such as Enfocus SWITCH. The application of Enfocus automates the data receiving and sending and offers numerous functions for filtering, sorting and routing data. Switch is the ideal link between MIS, task or job scheduling systems, web portals, databases and prepress workflow systems or output RIP. Here Switch automates many of the steps still manually performed and helps to standardize the entire production process. We advise and assist in the establishment or conversion.

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