Plug-in development – for automation, integration, greater safety and additional functions

Using the Adobe plug-in SDK (Software Developer Kit) any additional functions for automation, security and control of program instructions and for editing documents can be developed. These plug-ins extend the functionality of Acrobat or InDesign.

Actino Software specializes in the development of Acrobat and InDesign plug-ins and already implemented more than 100 tools. Features previously not available as a standard product will be realized by us on request. Here, the wheel does not want to reinvent and always check that there is not already a solution that was developed in a similar context.

Thanks to the market overview and experience in dealing with the development tools (Adobe SDK) program enhancements can be implemented economically. If you want to find a particular solution or like to know if an application is possible, then give us a call or send an email to


Automatic creation of hyperlinks for technical documentations

Manuals and instruction usually have a certain similarity, but still differ in construction and design. A typical situation is a reference to another document, are included in the detailed information for the selected term. This may be as be the appropriate technical drawing. We have developed plug-ins that creates these links automatically.

Electronic signature of documents

Forms, contracts and other documents must be signed. Acrobat provides the signature fields the necessary framework for embedding signatures. Actino Software has a solution for the adoption of electronic signatures developed that were entered using a graphic tablet. As with a „normal“ signature, the current image is imported to view and himterlegt the profile along with certificate in PDF. If someone changes the PDF for a signature, we invalidate the signature.

Accessible scale measuring and recording distances and surfaces

A PDF always has a specific page format such as A4. Here, however, there may be a map or drawing in scale 1: 10,000 act. To berrechnen in these plans a distance or an area correctly, we have developed a plug-in that allows the settings of a scale and display the correct value.


Various functions then allow the calculation of distances, circles, polygons or angles. The tools eignenen for commenting on Baunanträgen or design drawings. Additional there are still some useful annotation types like „tick“ or „light pen marks“ for graphics.

New correction tools

PDF is ideal for correctly processes. You do not need more paper, because all comments can be stored directly in the PDF. The cost savings is immense. For a catalog customers, we have developed a plug-in that provides for a new tools and passes the data to a database. Thus the administration of corrections is gelößt that can become a problem quickly with comprehensive catalogs.

Automatic trimming

In archiving, it is possible that a larger number of documents must be reduced with the cutting tool. Certain original sizes can be brought to the desired final format. To have to do this not alone, we have developed a plug-in that automatically executes entire directories with forms that are then archived.