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Archiving with PDF / A

PDF is an excellent archive format, because the documents can be created from nearly all programs and searches the contents of standard functions and extracted again. All pages, text and graphic objects contained in a PDF can be printed and used again, regardless of platform.

An important role is played by the ISO standard PDF / A. This standard is a subset of PDF and describes the requirements for a document to a long-term reproduction is ensured. This includes, for example, the duty to embed fonts. Comprehensive information can be found „compact PDFA“ on the website of the PDF Association and the brochure.

Why PDF or PDF / A?

  • Long-term archiving: PDF / A was developed with the goal of a secure reproduction and allows the user-friendly document storage for long, technologically unpredictable periods.
  • Environmentally friendly: PDF / A as a digital counterpart to the paper is easy to handle, saves space due to small file sizes and allows finally the rapid implementation of paperless processes.
  • Unified Archive: PDF / A can be generated, thus simplifying the management of each application. It thus allows the merging of digital and (paper) scanned documents in an archive.
  • Compliance is testable: PDF / A is described technically accurate and provides the opportunity for automated validation. Changes or errors are detected immediately by test programs and if possible corrected.
  • ISO standard PDF / A (ISO 19005) and PDF (ISO 32000) are – unlike TIFF – globally recognized standard for long-term archiving of digital documents. Further ISO standards for prepress and accessibility seize additional applications.
  • Revision security: PDF alone does not guarantee auditability. Here it is important to consider the processes. However, the documents are searchable and can include various metadata. The document format thus forms a solid foundation for compliance and auditability.

Inspiring (PDF) excellence … PDF/A-1, 2 oder 3

We are taking other applications for compliance with the PDF / A standard and suggest ways for the controlled creation and reuse the content!

Actino Services – Selection, project monitoring and implementation

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Advice – What advantages does PDF / A? What are the processes? We advise and assist in the introduction of PDF / A as well as the selection, development and implementation of appropriate products.

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Standard Products – For manual and automated validation or creation of PDF / A, there are different products that are geared to the requirements. We assist in the selection.

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Developertools – Our partners provide SDKs for issuing binding PDF / A provides from any application. The dynamic creation allows performant provision of individual data.

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Integration – The archiving should be automatic, so users relieved and errors are avoided. We develop custom components for embedding PDF / A in any process.


As part of maintenance contracts, we provide the necessary resources to, and cooperate as required closely with the respective manufacturers.


All products are constantly being developed. Regular updates ensure the application in different environments.


Compliance with the various ISO standards guarantees the necessary quality in the design of the respective processes.


We pay attention to a user-friendly handling and far-reaching integration, so tasks can be performed easily and quickly.

Probative value of scanned tax receipts is beyond doubt

The competence of ECM BITKOM also notes that documents the replacement of the paper originals permitted in the area of tax-relevant through scanned electronic documents with a few in the law specifically mentioned exceptions by law, recognized by the tax authorities and widely used in practice (opinion). The rules are clearly defined. Uncertainties concerning the probative value of such documents do not exist in the financial management procedures and has not given it in the past.