Multichannel Crossmedia Publishing!

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Crossmedia Publishing

Documentation, catalogs, conversion – Disability Access, interactively

An advantage of PDF are interactive hyperlinks, bookmarks, and form fields and the color reproduction on virtually any platform. It is therefore suitable hervoragend for binding playback at any publication of a company and must nich be created only with difficulty. But the creation of navigation elements is often extremely time consuming as Adobe Acrobat here does not provide functions for repetitive tasks and everything must be done manually. The i.a. Toolkits and plug-in collections remedy this through automation, batch processing and controls an effective remedy. Companies can save a lot of time and make the publications more professional.

PDF, PDF / UA, HTML5 or EPUB? Opening up new markets and optimization by reusing in multichannel marketing!

  • We point to the possibilities of PDF beyond prepress as a multimedia document and the interchange format or digital file folders.
  • Transfer of advertising in HTML5, EPUB or PDF / UA for accessible application in browsers and mobile devices.
  • Automated processing of PDF with hyperlinks and bookmarks for Dokumentatione and catalogs with ordering function.
  • Database publishing for dynamic creation of pages, documents or print templates from a database.

Inspiring (PDF) excellence

Services – Support and Realization of projects for the introduction of cross-media

Compass Icon / Kompass IconConsulting – What are the advantages and opportunities PDF, PDF / UA or HTML5? We advise and assist in the introduction as well as the selection and implementation of suitable products.

Anchor Icon / Anker IconStandard products – We deliver proven standard products from callas and Global Graphics for Desktop and Server to create, control and treatment.

Sextant IconDeveloper Tools – PDFlib, Appligent, Global Graphics and callas make for developers extensive libraries and platforms ready for programmatic creation and editing.

Rudder Icon / Ruder IconDevelopment – The use of PDF or HTML5 should be automatic, so users limbed and errors are avoided. We develop components for embedding the documents in any process and for protected distribution.


As part of maintenance contracts, we provide the necessary resources to, and cooperate as required closely with the respective manufacturers.


All products are constantly being developed. Regular updates ensure the application in different environments.


Compliance with the various ISO standards guarantees the necessary quality in the design of the respective processes.


We pay attention to a user-friendly handling and far-reaching integration, so tasks can be performed easily and quickly.