Sort, reorder and impose pages

Quite Imposing Plus is a plug-in for Adobe’s Acrobat. It does…Imposing. This is all about combining pages onto larger sheets to make books, booklets, or special arrangements. Creating booklets or arranging complex imposition layouts has never been easier and all without leaving Acrobat! (High end users who don’t want to use Acrobat can use our hot folder product Quite HOT Imposing).

Leave nothing to chance when Imposing

The man in our logo on the right is doing imposing as it used to be done – manually. This was a craftsmans task which required much expertise and skill behind it. Our modern imposition tools perform at the same level of skill and are quick to learn and easy to use. They give immediate results without need for expensive training or complicated job set ups. But if you do need a little help getting started just visit our support pages to see the variety of ways to get technical help.

A particularly important feature of the plug-ins is that the combined pages are a new PDF document, giving a way to check each sheet instantly, saving time and money.

Quite Imposing Plus has many more options from duplicating pages to adding dates or page numbers and a powerful feature for setting up impositions for playing with one click. Quite Imposing Plus  can also re-order pages, split or merge even and odd pages, and more. The most popular feature may be an easy to use booklet maker, which can make a foldable booklet from just about any PDF file. They both work completely visually in Acrobat, and you choose which files to print, save for later, or throw away.

Feature Description Quite Imposing PLUS Quite HOT Imposing
Acrobat plug-in Runs as an extension to Adobe Acrobat
Standalone Watched folder and command line. Suitable for server use.
N-up Pages Arrange consecutive pages on a larger sheet e.g.2×2.
N-up Centering Center the resulting N-up page.
Trim & Shift Deal with “creep” in a booklet or add space, shift contents or trim from the edges.
Shuffle Pages Shuffle for cut stacks and other layouts by defining a simple rule.
Shuffle Even/Odd Process even/odd pages separately.
Split into separate files and merge together.
Shuffle Assistant An easy aid to working out layout signatures.
Shuffle Assistant enhancements More complex layouts including head to head, step & repeat.
Adjust Page Sizes Scale, crop or extend pages with optional rotation.
Page Tools Duplicate pages quickly. Also delete, move, rotate.
Tile Pages Split pages or to split spreads; can make overlap or bleed.
Reverse Pages Reverses the order of pages.
Insert Blank Pages Inserts blank pages of creates a blank document.
Insert File Pages Insert pages from a file; easy duplication with or without collation.
Insert conditionally Insert pages until a condition is met, like “multiple of 4 pages”.
Annotations & Form Fields Options to discard or convert to part of the imposition.
Create Sample Document Useful for testing layouts.
Control Panel Easy access to all functions.
Preferences Define background templates with printers marks etc.
Automation Sequences Saves a sequence of commands to use again on future impositions.
Step & repeat Fills sheets with copies of the same page (business cards, labels).
Manual Imposition Place pages over any other page at any position and scale.
Define Bleeds Impose pages with artwork that overruns the printing edge.
PDF/X Support PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 are supported.
Stick on Text & Numbers Add numbers and/or text to pages or imposed sheets.
Stick on fields Stick on automatic text like file name, date, page count.
Bates Stamping Enter numbers with a leading zero.
Stick on Masking Tape Define a layout for “tape”, stick on one or more pages.
Peel off Page Numbers, Masking Tape or Registration Marks Undo “Stick on” functions, remove crop marks.
Imposition Info View origin of imposed pages for accountability; extract pages for reuse, and delete pages from imposition.


Quite Imposing Pro and Hot Imposing are delivered by e-mail. Licenses are available for MacOS and Windows.

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  • Quite Imposing Upgrade 5
  • Quite Hot Imposing 5
  • Quite Hot Imposing Upgrade 5
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