Enterprise true color and standard compliant PDF creation

A client-server-based solution, Actino PDF Server enables organizations to centrally deploy and manage the creation of high-quality PDF files across the business organization. Whether employees are communicating with customers, submitting regulatory filings, or sending final proofs for printing, Actino PDF Server helps improve business efficiency by adopting a single standard document format.

Centralized PDF file management

Actino PDF Server offers a single centralized solution that offers full administrative control over how PDF documents are converted across the organization. An intuitive drag and drop workflow management interface allows IT administrators to easily specify and control the PDF-creation workflow.

Cost efficiency

There is no desktop software to manage. Actino PDF Server software is installed once, with maintenance and updates centrally managed. Designed for corporate and government organizations with high-user volumes, our Licensing Plan provides purchasing flexibility to meet organizations ever-changing deployment needs.

Simplified PDF file creation

Creating high-quality PDF files within an organization is as simple as sending a document to print.

Actino PDF Server GUI

Actino PDF Server GUI

Modular management system

Actino PDF Server™ consists of three modules that work together seamlessly to automate and optimize PDF file conversion: SmartInput and Queuer control the input and output paths for your files, while the PDF Module creates the optimized PDF files.

• SmartInput

The gateway through which jobs enter the workflow for PDF creation. It continuously monitors networked hot folders for PostScript language or TIFF files dropped there by end-users, or files delivered by print drivers from desktop applications.

• Queuer

Actino PDF Server includes full automation of input and output queues for PDF file conversion. The Queuer provides full administrative control of jobs coming into a PDF-creation workflow, including previewing, priority setting and scheduling. It makes available to other output devices, the generated PDF files including delivering jobs to multiple output locations simultaneously.

• Creator module

The Creator module generates the optimized PDF files from virtually any file type. Administrators are able to optimize PDF document configurations for file size, resolution and security to support established business processes and corporate guidelines.


Licensing per named user (perpetual, en premise). Maintenance is optional and 20% of the list price per year. It covers technical support by mail or phone during normal business hours and all updates or upgrades. Existing customers of Jaws PDF Server and gDoc PDF Server are qualified to receive an upgrade (40% of list price).

  • User – 1+
  • User – 10+
  • User – 25+
  • User – 50+
  • User – 100+
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Windows, MacOS
  • Windows, MacOS
  • EUR 49,00
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