Global Graphics Software is expanding its partner network to bring together software developers or service providers that enhance solutions built using its technologies.

The network will embrace the entire Global Graphics Software product portfolio to create ecosystems around the Harlequin RIP®, the Mako™ PDF SDK used in pre-press workflows, ScreenPro™, the stand-alone screening engine, and Fundamentals, building blocks to create digital front ends. Global Graphics Software is a leading developer of platforms for digital printing.

Global Graphics Software’s CTO, Martin Bailey, comments: “Several years ago we started a partner network when the Harlequin RIP was by far the most significant Global Graphics technology for the production printing market. Over the years we’ve expanded our offerings, and the market has also developed. We’re therefore expanding what was the Harlequin Partner Network to promote partners that add value around all our technologies, to create a broader community where companies can enjoy increasing success through collaboration. The new network will benefit our OEM customers who wish to integrate our technologies into their own workflows or solutions by making it easy to locate third-party compatible products on our web site or to find specialist engineering resource through a service partner.”

The new network includes two categories – Service and Technology partners:
Service Partners are specialist consultants and development companies who provide help in integrating Global Graphics technologies into solutions;
Technology Partners provide additional components to enhance prepress workflow for print service providers or converters and support Global Graphics OEMs or integrators using products sourced via a Global Graphics OEM in their solutions.

Deepak Garg, managing director of service partner Vir Softech comments: “Vir Softech has vast experience of working on all major RIP technologies available today and feel that the Harlequin RIP is one of the most reliable and fastest RIP technologies available. Vir Softech’s team of experienced engineers includes experts for all aspects of Global Graphics RIP technologies such as job management, band generation and management, color management, screening, and imposition. We have done successful replacement of existing RIPs with the Harlequin RIP for OEMs and, as a member of Global Graphics Software Partner Network, we hope to work with more OEMs helping them to do risk free replacement of their existing RIP technology with the Global Graphics Harlequin RIP.”

Xitron, LLC, a Service Partner and Global Graphics OEM for over 25 years has found commercial success developing RIP and workflow products for industry heavyweights such as Memjet, Colordyne, Superweb Digital, Presstek, and Mitsubishi Paper Mills. “We’ve built RIP and workflow systems for many companies based on their specifications for throughput, variable data imaging, and color management/color matching,” said Karen Crews, president of Xitron. “A large part of our business is based on helping companies improve their products by integrating Global Graphics technology into complete systems,” she continued. “To that end, we’ve compared other platforms during our development cycles and found the Global Graphics technology to be consistently faster and more stable than other solutions available.”

Network members can request copies of the technologies for use in their test labs, together with extensive documentation, and will receive alerts about upcoming releases and enhancements so that they can accelerate development of their own products. They will also have access to Global Graphics support teams and product management and the opportunity to influence and take part in co-marketing programs. Members are also permitted to display the Global Graphics Software Partner Network logo on their web sites to indicate that they are a member of the program.

Members already part of the new network include:
Service companies: Actino Software, Apago and Vir Softech.
Technology companies: a.b. graph, Alwan Color Expertise, Apago, Barbieri Electronic, Bodoni Systems, Color-Logic, Dynagram Imposition Software, GMG, Hamillroad Software, Lewald & Partner, MyPressXpert, News Hub Media, PageFlex, Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Wobe-team.