Using the gDoc Printer Platform you can easily bundle PDF export and creation capabilities with your applications, corporate process or Windows 10 device. It’s straightforward to brand and localize to fit in with your target market.

  • Software developers: gDoc Printer Platform makes it easy for you to add PDF creation into your applications.
  • System integrators: now you can introduce PDF creation into your customers’ corporate processes where it will work seamlessly, in the background if required, as part of product lifecycle management, manufacturing processes, HR and finance.

Easy to brand your own PDF creation solution

For users creating a PDF is as simple as printing from their application. They can create a PDF file from any document that will print. It’s as easy as Ctrl + P.

gDoc Inspired

gDoc Inspired

Why PDF from gDoc?

The gDoc Printer Platform is based on Microsoft’s newest printer technology. When combined with Global Graphics’ twenty year pedigree in PDF the result is faster, smaller and higher quality PDFs than competitive technologies:

PDF creation, faster, better, smaller

A PDF creation application based on the gDoc Printer Platform has been verified as being faster, producing high-quality conversion and with a smaller footprint than Adobe® Acrobat® across a selection of customer supplied test files, when converting documents into PDF from Microsoft Office.

We’ve been experts in PDF since the format’s inception in 1993 and today remain actively involved in the International Standards Committees dedicated to evolving the PDF standard. It was this expertise in document formats that led Microsoft to ask us to provide proof of concept and development services for XPS, their new print and document format as early as 2003.

When Fuji Xerox wanted to add PDF generation to their DocuWorks suite the development project had to fit within their demanding release cycle. The PDF creator was required in seven languages as well as 32 and 64 bit versions.

Ten reasons to choose the gDoc Printer Platform

  1. Best in class performance and quality: produce high quality PDFs, faster and smaller than the competition.
  2. Creates value: add PDF export and creation capabilities to your offerings
  3. You can quickly private-label to match your brand or process. Your brand front and centre, we are the technology behind leading brands like Fuji Xerox and Corel.
  4. Dramatically reduce development costs.
  5. Deployed on millions of computer worldwide (including East Asian countries.).
  6. Flexible licensing options (we’ll work with you to find a license model that fits).
  7. Microsoft Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) tested and Windows Logo compliant.
  8. Twenty years of PDF experience, our pedigree goes back to 1993 when PDF was invented as a format.
  9. gDoc Core technology at the heart of the platform. As we don’t rely on a 3rd party for the PDF creation we can be very responsive to your needs.
  10. Future proof your investment: aligned with Microsoft’s current and future printer strategy. Every Windows 10 Modern UI app prints natively to gDoc Printer Platform giving you the highest quality. Having said that we support every operating system version since Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.


User features

  • Lock down the settings your users can access.
  • Secure documents and set permissions.
  • Append Pages from one PDF file into another PDF file.
  • Start an application after printing.
  • Full control over the output folder.
  • Email documents as attachments.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Setups – create specific printer preferences for specific uses.
  • PDF Standards: PDF/A and PDF/X compliance.

Developer features

  • Simple “inf” file install for pre-installing on devices.
  • Change printer settings and drive the printer programmatically.
  • Extensible architecture allows additional filters to be added.
  • Supports desktop, server and virtual deployment options.