gDoc Core form Global Graphics Software is a multi-platform technology (mobile, desktop and the cloud) that allows developers unrivalled access to the building blocks of the digital page and the freedom to change any aspect of the document. It encapsulates over 25 years of document science.

gDoc Core

gDoc Core

What can gDoc Core do?

  • Document Viewing with gDoc TrueView™, a technology optimized for high pixel density displays for your mobile, cloud and desktop document viewing needs.
  • Document manipulation and modification (gDoc Core DOM) – Manipulate and edit documents in a PDL agnostic way.
  • Document Conversion – the highest quality document conversion encapsulating over 25 years of document knowledge.

Document Technology for the Digital Age

For more than 25 years Global Graphics Software has been developing Raster Image Processors. RIPs take page description languages (PDLs) like PDF and convert them to bitmaps before the file is sent to a printer. The result is a printed page constructed of dots of coloured inks.

Today our RIP technology is responsible for printing >70% of the world’s newspapers and magazines and >80% of photobooks.  So it’s safe to say we are the trusted technology behind the perfect printed page. gDoc Core has evolved from this mature print technology to become the technology behind the perfect digital page. We own all of our intellectual property (IP) and this gives us full control of the technology direction and pace. We are not relying on other component manufacturers for any part of gDoc Core

A bit of science

Creating the perfect digital page is a science in itself. Changing from paper documents to digital is not as simple as swapping ink for light. Digital documents are not constrained in the same way paper documents are. For instance you can have multi-media, annotations, layers, accessibility and text search added to the document. Users expect to be able to select and copy text. They can encrypt documents and set permissions. The user expects to be able to zoom and pan in a fluid and natural way. We have wrapped up what we have learned in gDoc Core.

Is gDoc Core right for me?

If you have some PDL knowledge and want to evaluate gDoc Core please contact us. If you are not experienced with PDL technology please take a look at the gDoc Application Platform (GAP).