Enfocus PitStop Professional

The fastest way to detect and correct errors in PDF files.

Enfocus PitStop Pro Inspektor

Enfocus PitStop Pro Inspektor

PitStop Pro does PDF quality control better

  • Save time by automatically Preflighting PDF files based on a profile
  • Find errors on the spot by checking the well-documented Preflight report in case of errors
  • Increase your productivity by fixing the most common errors automatically

Why Preflight?

According to our customers:

  • More than half of the PDF files received contain errors that would cause a misprint
  • The most common errors have not changed in 15 years
  • PDF Preflight is the tool to find and fix these errors

The 10 most common errors and how PitStop fixes them

Low resolution images

For print output, the image resolution needs to be higher than for viewing a PDF on a screen. Otherwise you will see jagged edges and artifacts in the image. PitStop Pro detects low resolution images in PDF files and gives you a warning.

RGB objects

Unintended RGB images in PDF files can cause unexpected results after processing. The images can be of low quality, the final printed color can be incorrect and there may even be a color shift. PitStop Pro checks PDF files for RGB objects and automatically converts them to CMYK if you want it to.

Missing bleed

If a file that contains images or content that extend to the edge of the page, and it contains no or not enough bleed, white borders can appear after cutting the sheets. PitStop Pro checks PDF files for missing bleed. New in PitStop Pro can also automatically add bleed to a PDF file.



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