Addendum Collaborate for editors

Simplify and control tagging, comparison, proof reading or distribution

The application simplifies the work for editors. Unnecessary items can be removed for ease of reading and text can be colored. When proofreading, images and graphics disturbing sometimes and colored text is sometimes difficult to recognize. Additional features support document versioning, comparison and shared reviewing.


Images and graphics Removal

The plug-in is removing all the pictures or graphics on each page, or in the entire document, so that the corrective text is visible only. The content can then be quickly and easily spotted and corrected.

Coloring Text black

After all the graphics and images have been removed, the remaining text color can be blackened for better readability. Colored and especially white text can now be much better read and reviewed. The page layout remains unchanged.

Count Words and Characters

Count and Clear counts all words and characters in the file or on a dedicated page. On this basis can be settled. The user can save the conversion to MS Word, to count there. The result is written in the document information and is retained for further processing.

Count and Clear Pro 5.0

Additionaly to the above described functions, the Pro version let’s you create automatically layers for the different object groups, Text, Images, Vector graphics and additionally a Black Text Layer. This enables you to hide or show the different object groups. The function can be used to create layers for each current page and/or all pages.

Tagging for accessibility and PDF/UA compliance

Rename Tags

Tags in PDF documents are a powerful feature and required for screenreader to communicate the content in a structured way. Each typ of tag has a specific name and for translation or similar purposes it is required to rename for example “Headline1” into “Überschrift1”. Collaborate provide some kind of mapping table which allow to easily rename all tags in a document.

Dialog Addendum Collaborate Bookmarks

Dialog Addendum Collaborate Bookmarks

Create bookmarks

Bookmarks typically represent the structure of a content and support fast navigation with one click. Collaborate saves a lot of time because it auto create bookmarks from existing tags and must not be manually added. The bookmark text can be colored to highlight headlines or titles and always easily modified if required.

Shared review

Distribute documents distributed

Inserting annotations into documents is one of the most important features of PDF. On the screen, any type of correction characters can be inserted and provided with texts. Whether a contract, a design or a report – the pages can be quickly exchanged and edited. The correction process becomes complex if several people are to process the same document. How can the different remarks of the individual users be merged into one document? How can individual users see their colleagues’ comments when they work with the file themselves?

Count & Clear provides an easy solution with an automatic import and export. The notes on a document are stored as XFDF files on a defined server and imported as required. The plug-in fetches all the annotations to a PDF and imports the data. The user then sees all comments from all parties involved and can take this information into account for his / her work. This way, the joint work is perfectly supported and companies as well as agencies can collaborate effectively with their employees or customers.

Compare documents

With Count and Clear, users can also compare the contents of two documents. The plug-in certainly serves a popular method that Adobe had abolished with Acrobat 9. In a view, the pages are juxtaposed after the successful comparison so that the users step by step check the changes to the content. For larger quantities of documents to be compared, the comparison process can also be automated or transferred to a central computer.

Version check – Expiration date

Is this file the latest version of the document? Is there a new version of the manual or the price list? PDF documents can be saved locally and, unlike pure onlining documents, it is not ensured that the users use the “correct” document.

For this reason, Addendum has introduced a simple version control for PDF documents, in which a server is compared to the correct version version. If there is a new version of the PDF document, a message will appear, indicating the new version as well as the changes. Users will not work with the old document by accident.

The function also indirectly receives an expiration date. Users can still open the file, but it is informed that this document no longer applies. Partners, customers and employees always receive the latest information.