PDF Creation – faster, better, smaller

Based on Microsoft’s newest XPS printer technology, with Actino PDF Courier you can easily bundle PDF print and creation capabilities with your applications, corporate process or Windows device.

Actino PDF Courier – robust PDF printer for PDF/A and PDF/X


Faster and higher quality conversion than Postscript-based interpreter like Adobe® Acrobat®

A PDF creation application based on Actino PDF Courier has been verified as being faster, producing high quality conversion and with a smaller footprint than PostScript-based solutions like Adobe® Acrobat® across a selection of customer supplied test files, when converting documents into PDF from Microsoft Office.


• fast creation, small file sizes
• output in PDF/A or PDF/X
• support transparencies and drop shadows
• jobticket to transfer additional data like order number
• attractive pricing

How to create PDF?

Just select print, choose Actino PDF Printer and click on Print. You will have the option to save the resulting file into any location and select from approved profile to match standards like PDF/A.

Print dialog Actino PDF Courier

Druckdialog Actino PDF Courier

Pricing (perpetual license per user)

  • Singleuser
  • Multiuser – 10+
  • Multiuser – 25+
  • Multiuser – 50+
  • Windows
  • Windows
  • Windows
  • Windows
  • EUR 49,00
  • EUR 39,00
  • EUR 35,10
  • EUR 31,20

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