HTML5 is the current standard for the publication of information, advertising materials and documents on desktop and mobile devices. The direct conversion of PDF to HTML5, the entire document be re-used immediately and without any additional effort. It does not need to be completely redesigned and are retained even navigational aids like bookmarks and hyperlinks. As part of a multichannel strategy the browser to display the publications can be optimally served.

Online Publishing – reusing PDF for ePaper

Document eDelivery for browsers and mobile devices, flipping pages

The Portable Document Format PDF is a perfect way to distribute documents or archive. This is especially true if the file should be opened offline or printed. For online viewing in a browser PDF can be used, the “print-related” application is not as dynamic as it would be required in some situations. In addition, PDF requires always an appropriate PDF Viewer. This issue is especially problematic on mobile devices, as there work several apps together. HTML5 does not has this problems. Documents can be viewed and read directly in the browser.


Fig: The Actino HTML5 Publisher converts the PDF in HTML5 and displays the result in a separate browser window. 

By Actino HTML5 publishers now have a new service available. The PDF is automatically converted into the new HTML5 format. The program produces a 1: 1 reproduction of the original layout and allows users to browse in a very intuitive way to flip through the document. It is an integrated solution for all companies and organizations who want to make their documents available online.

HTML5 features

When converting PDF to HTML, the properties of the document as well as interactive elements are honored. The file can be published without additional finishing work.

  • Creating real HTML5
  • Display a single or double side scrollable
  • Automatic adjustment of the view on the screen or window size
  • Two zoom levels for the enlarged display of side regions
  • Acquisition of hyperlinks from PDF for cross-references or orders
  • Acquisition of bookmarks from PDF to register
  • Download the original PDF as an entire document or individual pages
  • The HTML5 can be placed directly on the server without any further processing
  • Backup of all settings as a project
  • Batch processing of any quantity of documents
  • Local conversion without uploading to and Donwload from a server

Target Groups

  • Magazine publishers, publication of magazines
  • Companies, creating newsletters or annual reports
  • Documentation and product data management, design of manuals and catalogs
  • Authorities and institutions, publication of reports and research results
  • Agencies, creating interactive websites
  • Media services, production of online documents


A well-known customer is the GC group of Bremen, which presents its numerous catalogs for building technology with a total of approximately 20,000 pages online. A highlight for the trading partner integration in a product information system, which can be addressed directly via a hyperlink to the article with a simple click.

The Kepka Art is a leader in glasdesign and present their high-quality collections on the internet. Given the printed catalog was provided with hyperlinks and bookmarks and converts to HTML5. The conversion of the well designed 60-page catalog has taken only a few minutes.

As a member of the PDF Association Actino software is the PDF standard “obliged”. This includes the creation of true color PDF and conversion into other document formats for content reuse. With the HTML5 version of PDF / A compact 2.0 is the standard work on the description of the ISO standard PDF / A in a version for browsers.

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