PDF Days Europe 2022 in Berlin

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Improving PDF accessibility with Structure Tagging


PDF Day France, April 4th

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PDF 2.0 interop workshop in Berlin

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Agenda PDF Days Europe 2017 published!

With over 35 informative sessions across a wide range of topics, including the dramatic new Camelot2 project, this year’s PDF Days event is especially relevant as we look forward into the future of PDF technology. The PDF Association published an interview with Actino CEO Michael Karbe about PDF Days Europe 2017. He will hold a keynote and […]

New eBook: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Document Rights Management

FileOpen, Inc. announced the release of a new e-book, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Document Rights Management. They packed 20 years of expertise and industry perspective into this 15-page PDF, to help guide you as you consider using DRM for your business. You won’t find plugs for FileOpen or Actino products here—this guide is intended for anyone who wants to understand the key issues and considerations involved when choosing and implementing a DRM solution.

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