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Creating, editing and coordination

There are several ways to complete PDF for business collaboration or with external partners to reliably create and successfully apply: a virtual PDF printer from any program on the Print dialog, using add-ins directly from Office out or server applications automated creation. Apart from the pure creation also requires a simple, appropriate tools to annotate the documents to combine pages or to correct texts. The editing of PDF must not be compared with a graphics program or text editor. But changes in the last seconds are always possible.

Which PDF Tools is the right one?

Simply integrated solutions for sustainable application!

  • We advise and assist in introducing PDF and select and implement the appropriate products.
  • We deliver proven standard products based on modern technologies from Adobe and Global Graphics for Desktop and Server to create, control and preparation of documents to be processed.
  • With the help of gDoc platform Global Graphics, we can realize completely custom applications for viewing and editing of PDF for desktop and mobile systems.
  • If times a function in Adobe Acrobat missing Actino software already impressive assortment of plug-ins developed which allows certain applications or supplies the proper standard product.
  • We realize individual Adobe Acrobat JavaScripts for intelligent PDF forms or automated processing with links to databases.

PDF kann mehr als Sie denken …

Services – to select and implement the appropriate tools

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Consulting – What are the advantages and opportunities PDF compared to other document formats? We advise and assist in introducing PDF and select and implement the appropriate products.

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Standard products – We deliver proven standard products Appligent, callas and Global Graphics for Desktop and Server to create, control and treatment of the archival documents.

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Developertools – Debenu, PDFlib, Global Graphics and callas make for developers extensive libraries and platforms ready for programmatic creation and editing of PDF. The dynamic creation allows high performance providing current or individual data.

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Development – The use of PDF should be automatic, so users limbed and errors are avoided. We develop components for embedding PDF in any processes and protected distribution.


As part of maintenance contracts, we provide the necessary resources to, and cooperate as required closely with the respective manufacturers.


All products are constantly being developed. Regular updates ensure the application in different environments.


Compliance with the various ISO standards guarantees the necessary quality in the design of the respective processes.


We pay attention to a user-friendly handling and far-reaching integration, so tasks can be performed easily and quickly.

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