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Transversal integration, automation, ISO standards, control and compliance ensure sustainable security, innovation and the desired value in the design of digital workflows and processes. We get rid of paper and accelerate business processes.


We do not provide isolated solutions but a broad portfolio for the digitization of all applications. The products from reputable manufacturers have proven themselves in numerous projects and are characterized by flexibility, quality and ease of use.


As a longtime specialist we can bring the experience of many applications. The comprehensive knowledge of the market and a deep understanding of the available technologies are our basis for successful implementations and sustainable change management.

Innovative solutions for digitizing processes

PDF is not only printing into a file and viewing it in Adobe Reader.
PDF supports a user-friendly document format to a cultural change under digitization
of paper-based processes. The innovative solution allows thanks to interactivity, accessibility
or searchability intelligent applications in cooperation and provides a robust platform
cloud services and mobile computing.

ArchivierungArchiving with PDF / A – PDF provides the ability to create fully searchable documents and files, which contain all the information for a faithful re-use and reliable output. As an independent ISO standard PDF / A the criteria for long-term archiving are met.

slider_collaboration_1Collaboration with PDF – A PDF can be created from any application and open with free foursomes as the Adobe Reader, comments, be filled or printed and exchanged via email. Securities-related processes can thus be digitized understood in the simplest way and quickly for any user.

slider_crossmedia_1Cross Media Publishing with PDF / UA and HTML5 – PDF supports the embedding of interactive and multimedia objects and provides (as a transfer format) conversion in any other document formats such as HTML5 for multi-channel publishing. Traditional printing products or entirely new offers can be designed flexibly to the Platform and optimize the information provided.

slider_druckvorstufe_1Prepress with PDF / X – A print-ready PDF can be secured with the help of virtual printer from any program and a page-oriented format provides the ability to fully automate the production and output processes. The ISO standard PDF / X, profiles for creating and testing to ensure that the print results always meet the expectations.

slider_sicherheit_1Security with DRM – The PDF documents can be fully protected and the rights are flexibly controlled. PDF enables the secure, accurate distribution of confidential information and supports the protection of intellectual property. Dedicated provisions in the area of compliance and rules can be flexibly implemented.

About Us

Actino Software has set itself the goal of supporting companies and institutions in the introduction and application of digital document formats. The company develops and markets programs for creating and editing the portable data format since the beginning of the PDF revolution in the early 90’s.

As a local partner and system integrator, the company represents global supplier of products from use in prepress to archiving, from Office to Web or from documentation to software development.

Our philosophy is “Keep it simple, fast and safe.” Thanks to years of experience in numerous interdisciplinary projects and cooperation with renowned partners Actino can help any questions, communicate ideas and make recommendations for (almost).

  • Faster

    PDF documents can be created quickly from any application and changed if needed.

  • Better

    By the consistent orientation to the independent ISO standards, we provide a high quality and a binding Play safely.

  • Secure

    PDF provides a wide range of features to protect the content. Depending on the security requirements, we provide the appropriate tool.

  • Simple

    The applications are intended to work easily and quickly. The ease of use and a transparent implementation of the tools are in the foreground.

Mobile ready

PDF is available on all mobile devices with the aid of individual apps that applications can be embedded in the business processes.

The digital binder also provides the creation and distribution of folders that can be use as a ring binder or folder classic.

What others say about us

Actino is a reliable partner who has usually ready the appropriate Acrobat plug-ins for special customer requests for me. If there is no matching plug-in, Actino is a very good partner for specific customer developments as Acrobat or Reader plug-in very promptly and competently implement the project. Even complex developments in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader are no problem for Michael Karbe and his team.

2006 Actino was one of the first members of the newly founded PDF / A Competence Center and has since been a very active member in our PDF Association.

Since Actino sells many PDF solutions, they have very good expertise on PDF features and have this knowledge at many events as passed in very practical workshops.

Michael Karbe was a term also active on the board and has in this time as is responsible for the creation of our popular Nutshell books as eBooks.

Currently directs Michael Karbe Country Group Germany.

Actino worked for many years with PDF tools. Besides the distribution of known plug-ins they develop their own interesting solutions. Therefore Actino is one of the best places if you want a PDF tool …

I know Mr. Karbe and Actino software since the mid-90s, when I was looking for a solution for mass left in an automatically generated PDF with more than 1,000 pages. The team of Actino has always accepted my challenges comprehensively and – much better – always found a suitable solution. Our guest newspaper HotelPress with its eight language editions would hardly be conceivable without the solutions of Actino to automate processes and to optimize PDFs.

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